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jon3's Journal

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21 August 1974
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You will find no quizzes here.

If you're looking for pictures of me, I have One and Two. Enjoy.
/., amc, ancient history, antiques, apache, apocalyptic fiction, appalachian mountain club, appalachian trail, aprilia tuono, architecture, backpacking, biking, bill bryson, books, bookstores, boston, brookline, brookline booksmith, c, c++, camping, candles, captions, car talk, cats, cheesecake, chocolate, ci, cisco, classics, climbing, cochlear implant, cochlear implants, computers, connecting, cryptography, cybered, cybernetics, darts, deaf, digital photography, domo-kun, earl grey, egypt, emerson knives, encryption, exercise, fine furniture, fine woodworking, firefly, fleece, food, freedom, furniture, furniture making, glock, gothic architecture, guns, gweeping, hard of hearing, hefeweizen, hiking, ip-relay, irc, jackie chan, kawasaki z1000, knives, kubrick, kurosawa, law and order, learning, level 3, libertarian, liberty, linux, monte christos, mopix, motorcycles, mount washington, mountain climbing, mountains, movies, nanog, network architecture, networks, nonconfirmism, old houses, olhausen, open captions, open source, openbsd, outdoors, peace, peace and quiet, perl, photography, photoshop, php, pool, programming, rcn, reading, rear window, rock climbing, routers, scituate, scooters, security, sendmail, sign language, sinfest, skiing, slashdot, sleeping, smart women, sopranos, spam, sport standard, sql, ssh, stargate, steak, subtitles, sv650, sv650s, synaptic misfires, tea, telecommunications, the tick, thru-hiking, touring, trailside, trekearth, ultranet, umass lowell, unix, vi, war, watertown, white mountains, woodturning, woodworking, wrenching, writing

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