Yes, I am aware I haven't updated in ages.

European itinerary has been pretty much finalized.
Transportation all done, as are most hotels.


in just under a month.

Had a nice weekend. Had a lot of nice weekends lately. I tend to spend them with Missy.

Now, on to the photos!

Visited the Franklin Park Zoo. Really not bad as zoos go. I would like to have seen a bit more room for the animals to move around, but otherwise quite nice. A cockatiel had a nice conversation with us, mostly consisting of 'Hi.', followed by some mutual bouncing up and down. The lion, previously just lying around, around 4pm decided to impress everybody by climbing the highest rock in his area roaring his head off. I over-photod for the purpose of figuring out how long it would take my camera to empty. Seems I get about 200 or so before the battery dies, with about 600 fitting on the flash card.

Climbed Mondadnock not long ago. Got turned away from Summit 200 feet down because of 50mph windows and horizontal sleet. Which is bizarre, it came on so fast. The rest of the day was pretty nice.

Summited Cardigan too. No problems there.


Time for monthly resume reading rant.

Conveniently jotted down here for your reading pleasure!

Send it to a friend who is looking for work, and if they aren't too lazy to read it, they'll thank you.


I need a t-shirt with a picture of Al Swearengen on it, looking exasperated, but instead of 'fuckin' hoopleheads' it should read 'fuckin' breeders'.

To the more nerdly inclined among you...

I'm looking for some kind of web based collaboration software. It has to be clientless, or at least, offer a clientless version with full functionality.

I've seen Lotus Notes, and while the windows interface is reasonable, the web interface blows goats. Plus, you can't really decouple it successfully from the absolute dogshit mailserver.

I really like the look of Web Office but the information we'll be passing back and forth is a little to proprietary and private to trust the hosting to a 3rd party.

We're an open source shop, so anything produced by microsoft is going to be treated with disdain.

What about phpGroupWare? Anybody tried that?