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December 25th, 2006

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09:39 pm - Illustrator? Or something else?
My girlfriend likes to doodle, and I just dug out my Wacom Intuos3, which I've hardly used, and she's having fun with it.

Right now, all she has is MS Paint though, and that isn't what you'd call 'smart' when it comes to tablet input.

Her birthday is in January, and I wanted to get something nice so she can have more fun doodling. Ideally something that will recognize the intuos and set the 'drawing area' to be the whole pad.

Also, I'd kind of like to give her a wee more functionality than mspaint.exe.

So is Illustrator worth the big bux, or is there something else that will be just as good and not such a blow to the wallet, especially for a non professional?

(Speak your mind)

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