Jonathan (jon3) wrote,

14 days. The countdown begins.

In just 2 short weeks I take off for my European Adventure. The anxiety hasn't kicked in yet, but I'm sure it will soon. I bought a Real Big Suitcase from "Tarjay" (Eddie Bauer line). Never needed a big one before. Longest trip I've ever been on. First time passport user. First time off the continent! Provided you don't count Canada, and I don't, first time out of the country too.

Bought tux for my brother's wedding. Jos Banks had a good deal, and now I'll never have to rent yet still be stylish. Clearly guys have it way better than girls in the clothes department. As long as you buy top quality suit and take care of it, you can wear the damn thing practically forever. As far as I can see, girls get to wear a fancy dress a half dozen times then its so far out of fashion they're social lepers if they keep it. I still have a simple blue blazer I bought right after college.

In the meantime I went to a wedding in Manchester, VT with Missy. This town doesn't actually contain any Vermont residents, just weekend New Yorkers who fill perfectly every NY stereotype you've ever known. Ask me about the girl in the Coach outlet with like 6 bags on her arm and the whiny nasal voice. The wedding itself was quite nice. The food excellent. Music way too loud. Missy got drunk. Fun was had by all.

Work has been busy. We signed the Big Deal. This has the potential to make the company (and indirectly myself) a Big Pile O Cash. Lets not fuck it up! I also had to fire my first employee. I came this --><-- close to throwing up after. I never want to do that again. Seriously. Even if it is the right thing to do, you still feel like a monstrous asshole. Reached my 3 year anniversary at ITA, so I'm fully vested now. Feel free to go public and make me rich any time now!

Tried a bunch of new restaurants (well new to me) lately. Tasca, Dali for tapas. (Dali wins hands down, but we won a business card drawing and have a free dinner coming from Tasca, so they still have a chance to change my mind.) I got taken to the Capital Grille on my birthday. I also ended up with a gift card to same from my sister I have yet to use. Chez Henri is one of our new favorites. Steak Frites following those little rib appetizers is meat heaven. Central Kitchen was also excellent. Temple Bar is fun. (cheese fondue!) And I've been MANY times to New Ginza. They recognize us by name now and don't make us wait long for a table either. Who would have thought I'd become a sushi person?

I bought myself a little Garmin Nuvi 350. I am constantly lost, so it makes perfect sense that it took me forever to get on the GPS bus. I also bought a shed to make it easier to protect my motorcycle this coming winter. No more storing it down in Scituate.

Well thats about it for today's brain dump.

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