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I've been hesitant to talk about this, because I didn't want to jinx it, but I've been working on slimming down a bit. I'm not fat (at least, I never considered myself so) but a few months ago, around Thanksgiving, I was down at my parents and we were talking about my sisters surgery (successful), and it came around to weight. I weighed myself and found I was at a whopping 217 lbs. I'm 6ft and I've never been small statured, so I wore it well, but it still concerned me. I always thought I was somewhere around the 180 range as listed on my drivers license. Hah!

Well, I've managed to keep it under 200 the last few days, with this morning clocking in at 198.6. So I'm halfway to my goal of 180. According to this BMI calculator I'm still slightly overweight at 198, but when I hit my personal target of 180 I'll be back into the (admitted high end) of "Normal Range".

I imagine this will get a bit easier when the weather warms up and I can start biking to work and going hiking again.

If you're curious, this is what worked for me:

The last few months I've been devising a dieting regimen that works for me. I love my food so I wasn't going to go and just stop eating the fun stuff. I also think fad diets and fast diets are jokes. I wanted to weigh less and keep it all off.

I started out eating the same things I always did, but I started to make some notes about what I was eating and how much. Then I started slimming the portions down a little tiny bit. Like 10% here and there.

Then I started to find if there were similar items to what I already liked, that happened to not be quite as heavy as what I was currently with.

Things I've figured out:
Never sit down with a package of anything. If there's a bag of chips in front of me, I'm going to just keep eating them. If I fill a small bowl with a reasonable portion, I stop eating when they are gone. This goes for meals too. Most pre-packaged and/or easy to prepare meals come in family sizes. A box of Annies Mac'n'Cheese is way too much for one person (or even 2, imho). I find if I prepare a package of this, and split it up 50/50, store half for later (or just throw it out) then I won't eat too much. Putting it all on my plate, and "eating half" never works out right.

Stop eating when I'm no longer hungry. Its OK not to finish the whole thing. To hell with the starving kids in Africa, I want to lose weight!

Skipping meals does not help. It just means the next meal you eat I'll eat way too much.

Skipping a meal so I can have a "big" meal later, or any other kind of splurge doesn't help either. Consistent reasonable supply of energy seems to work best for me.

I weigh myself every day, but I don't panic about 1-2lb fluctuations. The human body isn't that consistent, and neither are bathroom scales. I find I know pretty much each morning if I'm going to be bigger or smaller based on what I've eaten the previous few days.

None of this is rocket science, of course.

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