Jonathan (jon3) wrote,


My addiction to Upton Tea continues. (Damn you Rajiv!) I now have 6 canisters on my desk at work, (3) 250 gram and (3) 125 gram. They are, in order: Rooibos Rote Grutze*, Chinese Lychee, and New England Harvest Blend, followed by The Melange Russe, Finest Earl Grey, and Rasberry Flavored Tea. (Not a Tisane).

I also have a couple of samplers of various small sizes that I'll probably end up ordering a tin for. (Finest Russian Caravan and Richmond Park.

I'm at the point where I go through approx 3-6 cups a day. I wonder if there's anything dangerous there. Some of them have no caffeine, and I tend not to have the same variety twice in the same day.

*Although, technically, I know that purists won't call the Rooibos a Tea.

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