Jonathan (jon3) wrote,

Ho Ho Ho Mass Update Time.

Christmas was good, We went for a smaller Christmas tree this year, what a good idea. Far less work. Note I didn't say holiday tree. While I certianly get a kick out of anything that drives the christians crazy, the whole remove-the-word-christ-from-anything-on-december-25 is just kind of dumb. PC vocabulary neutering is just as stupid as the fundies wishlist.

In typical loothound fashion, let me list what I got: A Wacom Intuos3 6x8, despite the fact I really didn't need it. I just wanted one. To me this is the benefit of Christmas (and birthdays). Since I've generally got money to buy whatever I want, I have to reign myself in and only buy things that I TRULY want or that I need. If I can't define a need for something, I have relatively good self control about not buying it.

I got a nice new batch of my favorite teas from Upton Tea so I'm covered on the beverage front for a while. I got a couple of books I wanted. 2 Amazon gift certificates. A Streamlight Stinger XT flashlight, because we have finicky power here, and I just kinda wanted one, despite the fact I keep a Strion in my backpack whenever it isn't charging.

At work I got my employees Innova X1 Flashlights. My boss handed out cute little Buck Whittaker pocket knives to everybody in the department.

I'm on vacation this week. Took off the 4 days that link Christmas and New Years, so hopefully I won't be bothered by the office until January. We'll see.

I need to get into the mountains and go showshoeing and climbing. I need some of my lazy ass friends to build up the courage though. I think stories from friends I've taken previously are scaring them off.

Speaking of friends, some of you on my friends list have gotten kinda emo lately. SNAP THE HELL OUT OF IT. I'm hoping its just the holiday season, especially the single ones. I know the feeling, I'm painfully aware that I am single too. Entirely my fault, considering I hardly express an interest in anybody, or go anyplace where I could meet anybody.

Now that I mention it, I did reactivate my profile on a couple of online dating sites. Man, when did these places get so EXPENSIVE? I tried that eharmony that is advertised all over the place. $100 for 3 months? Let me tell you. Not. Worth. It. If I wanted to be matched up with a chain smoking 41 year old mother of 3, despite restrictions in my profile that say the opposite, I'd stop by the local dive bar, thx. Fast Cupid and Match are both getting expensive too.

Speaking of single, my brother Mike is getting married in the fall in Madrid. As Best Man, I'm going to be there a while. I'm pondering taking a few extra weeks off ahead of time and wandering around europe a little bit. Always wanted to see the british museum, maybe cruise the coast in scotland, land o' me forefathers.

I've been reading like crazy. One of these days I'll post some more one line reviews to booktards. The list will probably be about 100 books long. I've got an entire shelf and a quarter that need to be put away now that I've read them.

Just finished building a 9mm AR15. Built out a stripped preban lower I got online. RRA Upper, Hy-Tech Mag Block that takes old UZI mags. Got to get to the range to try that out sometime soon.

I'm getting over a really bad case of Bronchitis right now. I'm in the pglegm stage. I'll say no more, for both of our sakes.

I recently found out a friend is preggers AND getting married to the father. While I applaud the male 'stepping up' as it were, I have to be concerned about whether a marriage based on knocking somebody up is going to last. I'll hope for the best and we'll see.

Now that I think about it, I may trim my friends list down a bit. There are people on it who I have never really connected with, or who seem to have journals that are targeted pretty precisely at their real life friends. Don't feel bad if I de-friend you, it is only because I've kind of pulled back from LJ a bit (as evinced by the sparsity of entries from me), and I would prefer to concentrate on the people I know.

So thats it for now. Hopefully another update won't require another 6 months.

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