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Crazy Week - Jonathan — LiveJournal

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November 1st, 2005

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08:55 am - Crazy Week
Things have been nuts lately, not much time to update.

Thursday I acela'd down to NYC for a presentation/negotiation a customer. Damn train broke down after providence, so instead of the acela express, I was on the packed regular amtrak. Believe me, one trip in that hole and I know why people stopped taking trains.

Dinner at 44&X Hells Kitchen was great. Filet Mignon and wine helped clear the memory of Amtrak out of my head. Met the guys I was presenting to the next morning, and they were a nice bunch. Grabbed my room at the Hyatt Grand, which wasn't bad, although the pillows sucked!

Lots of touristy gawking went on. I haven't been to NYC in ages, I really ought to go again soon just to enjoy it.

Gave my presentation, worked out everything in a much smaller time window than I thought we'd need. Ran down to Penn, grabbed an early Acela back, made it into Boston by 4, went back to work.

Did a huge install on saturday, did a huge cutover on sunday, which went rather flawless if I do say so myself! Spent yesterday just cruising around on the bike. Didn't do anything useful except buy groceries and indulge myself. I think there will be a repeat of that today, except I really need to build a bike storage shed RSN before the snow comes.

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