Jonathan (jon3) wrote,

It has been ages since an update...

So work is insane. Trying to keep up with new product requirements and still hire somebody that doesn't suck. First set of applicants interviewing this week. Wish me luck. I still need to fill an extremely oddball job slot. Sort of project-managerish. "Change Control Manager". Definitely a digital ombudsman component of the job though. If anybody wants any of these jobs send a resume in, and plaster "Referred by Jon Hartford" in the cover letter/email body. Be sure and cc me at work as well.

Crappy weather has meant less motorcyling than I would want.

Only been to Clays once since the warm weather broke. Must. Stop. Slacking. ninjalawyer actually beat me last time! I know, I'm shocked too!

Played a bit of WoW. Killing Onyxia is fun! </nerd>

Got an external LCD monitor for my laptop at work. Eyestrain seems to be improving. Hopefully the long-night black bags under my eyes will soon leave too.

I located slowsync's missing poundage. I have GOT to start climbing/hiking again. Hell even sailing would help. Speaking of which, time to slip the money pi^H^H^H^H^H^H sailboat into the water.

Read a metric buttload of books. Expect super-sized post in booktards soon.

Still single.

Got a pair of tickets to the 5/26 Serenity showing. Go me! Except when combined with last statement, less go-me than I would like.

Bank account recovering nicely from recent dental work splurge. Thank god this is the last thing I needed done.

Took Mom to Legal's on saturday for Mother's day (hah! only fools try and get reservations for sunday!). Splurged on new drawer-pulls from Restoration Hardware afterwards for their newly updated kitchen-in-progress.

Got brother manly tools (vice grips and a gift card count) from Home Depot for his Birthday yesterday.
Tags: life, work

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