Jonathan (jon3) wrote,

Video Editing Software for Newbies

I need to do a couple of small video edits, family-home-movie type crap. A series of .avi files that I'd like to splice together, crop a few bits, put in a few cutscenes. Maybe add a music score.

What is the easiest to use software out there? I remember using adobe premiere, but that was ancient stuff like 1.0 or something. I remember it being quite complicated for what I wanted to do.

The new full version seems to be in the 250-300 range on ebay, but they also did an Elements version for it that I could get for under $100. Not totally sure what the difference is.

Anybody know of anything out there that might be simpler/free and still do the basic editing stuff? Or is it worth buying Premiere, and if so, what version?

Thanks for the advice.
Tags: nerd

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