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March 11th, 2005

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12:51 pm - How to annoy a religious friend
(regarding a friend of his who got mugged)

Jon3LJ: The meek submit, and the meek die.
xxx: Jesus said turn the other cheek
Jon3LJ: And look how well that worked out for him.
Jon3LJ: If my choice is between getting nailed to the cross or lopping off Pilate's head with an axe, I'm going axe.

In other top stories, work has been insane. Desperately trying to hire somebody who can tie their own shoelaces and has a pulse.
Both pulse and shoelaces are quickly becoming optional.

Built my new computer up. It go zoom! Shiny photo soon, I'm sure.

Have been neglecting my RL and Online friends. I hope to remedy this with a nice quiet weekend.
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