Jonathan (jon3) wrote,

MEME: 10 things

My list makes my life appear to boring. I guess we can't all be unrepentant.

1.) Been stabbed in the hand with a knife (not an accident, as an assault).
2.) Climbed above 5000ft in the middle of winter. Slept there overnight at -22F
3.) Had surgery that required opening up my skull.
4.) Been a witness in 2 felonies, all before the age of 10.
5.) Finished a Godzilla Burger at Eagles Deli. [photo back wall on the right]
6.) Got away with a B&E as a teenager.
7.) Got a ride to LI, NY bought a used motorcycle at 5PM or so, drove ~300 miles
home to Boston in the dark on a new bike in 20 degree weather.
8.) Purchased a condo using a personal loan.
9.) Walked the portion of the Appalachian Trail in GA.
10.) Started a bombed out .com

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