Jonathan (jon3) wrote,

To all the amateur economists predicting the apocalypse...

What is your suggestion for us regular folk who don't crunch numbers as well as you?

I've seen a lot of posts in a variety of forums discussing various dangerous warning signs that our economy is in trouble. I'm not quite sure what action these people expect us to take though.

I mean, should I take a less expensive vacation? Sell the house and live on ramen because bread will soon be $10,000 a loaf? I'm guessing something in between.

I understand the urge to send out a warning, but a warning that has no context just isn't that useful. It is like those government terror alerts. Today's color is: AMBERGRIS. I mean, so what? If there isn't anything you can do to change it, then the warning isn't really serving any purpose is it?

Financially, I'm rather conservative, having been through a bad period in the past. I could go many months without a paycheck. My truck is paid off in a month or two, I carry nearly no credit debt. The luxuries I do pay for monthly can be cancelled without penalty.

What else can anybody do?
Tags: money, politics

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