Jonathan (jon3) wrote,


I've been kind of away a bit. I'm slowly catching up. Expect some comments on ancient entries.

I got strep last week, during the middle of a crisis at work. So, basically the entire last 2 weeks kind of sucked.

My box was breeched (not externally, somebody got a valid login by breaking another box), so I had to reinstall. I decided to go back to OpenBSD instead of Linux. I already feel cleaner. Unfortunately, that also means my web galleries and pages and things are down until I can reconfigure apache in a secure enough manner to open it to the Internet. On the plus side, I got to put a nice little Netscreen 5 hardware firewall in place, which I'd been meaning to do for a while.

I bought The Grudge and watched it last night to stay awake long enough to do some maintenance starting at 1AM. Oh my, goood scary movie!
Tags: nerd

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