Jonathan (jon3) wrote,

What would you do?

I live in a condo. The building is a converted 2 family, so it is just me and the lady downstairs. A month or two ago, she got a puppy. About a month ago, she asked how I would feel about her fencing the back yard. I wasn't terribly keen on it, since it would involve letting said puppy pretty much poop anyplace in the yard, and that is never good for property value, but I said OK.

I got a message from her today asking me, since it would improve the property value, if I would kick in half of the $1600.

Now, I understand where she's coming from, but it is already fenced on 3 sides, although the left side is rather weak, and aside from her dog, I don't see a NEED for a 4th side.

Would you kick in half, and if not, what would you say to her?
Tags: house

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