Jonathan (jon3) wrote,

I've been lazy

So here's a holiday recap.

Work has been crazy. New product launching RSN.

Still single. It sucks the worst at Christmas and New Years, I think.

Christmas was nice. Saw the family, avoided the dreaded extended relatives get together, for the most part. Christmas day at the parents house. Lots of loot. A toaster over (although I didn't really need it, as I have a gas stove that heats up fast and maintains a very precise temp), a small set of Henckels knives and a block, gift certificates to Best Buy to feed my DVD addiction, books, lots of many misc things. I did a great job of buying for others this year. My dad almost cried when I gave him his Patriots tickets. My sister got the home entertainment system she wanted, brother got the winter floor mats for his new car he's been trying to find, and my other brother and his fiance got a few things they needed for their apartment.

One of the things I wanted was some actual adult type silverware. I'm kind of tired of the hand me downs I've been using for ages, and since I have money, I went out and got the set that I actually wanted, which was probably just as well. I ended up with Henckels Provence.

I need a new datebook for aught five. My 2004 Moleskine has served me well, need to get a new one. Only place I know of is the Art Store by the Fenway Theatre. I wonder if there's anything good playing...

I finished and filled up the built in bookcases I installed. Photos RSN. I swear!
Tags: life, work

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