Jonathan (jon3) wrote,

And the vendor cookies come a rollin' in.

I'm on my 3rd humongous package of vendor gift snax. The first was this nice looking leaning tower of little boxes, each with a different kind of snack in it. I only kept the very top (little chcoolate balls with ornament wrappers) and left the rest in the coffee area on my floor. Today I got a giant tin of cookies, like 10lb worth, from CDW. Apparently, so did everybody here attached with our account. So now there's a pile of boxes of chcolates, and like 3 massive cookie tins in each lunch area.

The sad thing is, we haven't even opened the boxes from the rest of the vendors.

Don't these people have any concept of SCALE? I mean, whatever happened to a nice small box of chocolates or something?

I'd take a tiny box of nice quality chocolate over the monstrous cookie tin of mediocrity.

I wonder what that says about me.

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