Jonathan (jon3) wrote,

Political Rant. Avoid if pregnant, sick, or under the care of a Doctor.

This doesn't apply to the people on my friends list, but I just had to vent my spleen at some of the asshatness I've seen all over the internet since 11/3, and since it is my journal, I am going to do it here rather than start a big fight in some community.

You know, I tried to hold it in, really I did, but I can't believe that so many people can possibly be missing what is right in front of their face.

If there's one thing I've learned from post election brouhaha, it is that the Democratic Party is now the Party of Hate. There's little intent to reform, reach out, to make people really understand the message, and I really do believe there is one. There is only the anger of the smug self-righteous who were denied power.

Just keep this in mind next time you're penning your next diatribe. For every Screed preaching financial superiority, every seccessionist rant, there's a reasonable person somewhere who is going to have that forwarded into his mailbox, and he's going to read it.

And he's going to get angry. Angry at the lavish insults, and there's something in these rants to offend pretty much everybody.

And 4 years from now, when you're knocking on his door, looking for his vote, he'll remember the vitriol heaped on him 4 years ago, and he's going smile and send you on your way.

And then he's going to vote Republican.

There isn't anything that the RNC and it's lackeys can do to destroy the Democratic Party that you aren't already doing a hundred times better yourself. So just keep in mind when you send off another self righteous insult to the void of the Internet: You are Karl Rove's Bitch.

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