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I saw a friend today that I haven't seen in a long time. I mean a looooooong time. Since like begining/pre college years (1992ish). We chatted for a while, and one thing he pointed out is that he missed chatting with me, because I used to be such a perceptive person.

He was honestly surprised I hadn't gone into psychiatry or become some kind of therapist. I wondered why I hadn' considered this, because I always *WARNING EGO INFLATING, PLEASE MAKE ROOM* considered myself as a pretty perceptive person, at least as regards people and the things they do.

Looking back, I did take a psych course or two in school, but I remember they were always held in those giant auditoriums. blah.

Yet another facet of my life changed by the fact of my hearing impairment. C'est la vie.

Maybe I should reconsider a career change now that high tech has become such a crapshoot.


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