Jonathan (jon3) wrote,

Oh Joy! Drugs!

Percocet is good.

This morning, I was at the oral surgeon.
I had 3 wisdom teeth out.
I also had a bit of root material removed, and some structural work to prepare for an implant.

Somebody called me to ask how I was doing tonight, and I haven't a clue who it was. I was a bit off kilter right as the percocet hits my system.
I'm going to start cutting them in half tomorrow. I don't care for that feeling.

It was at 9AM, so I crashed at my parents the night before, as they're only like 5 minutes away, and that avoids the hideous Boston morning traffic.
I've only been moved out for 1 1/2 months, but I'm totally spoiled. The bed was rock hard, they have no water pressure, and it just wasn't.... MY HOUSE.

Thank god I moved. I think I sleep an extra hour or two every day just because of it.

Anyway, enough drug induced babbling.

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