Jonathan (jon3) wrote,

Vroom! and other stuff.

Went to the doctor today for my first post-op appointment. They jam this long thing into your sinuses and clean everything out. I can breathe through my nose a lot more now, and tonight I expect to be able to get my first real REM sleep in a week.

On the way home I spotted my first real motorcycle of the season. Some guy on a full dresser harley. Its about 47 out right now, so chilly but doable because it is also really sunny.

So I got the itch, and pulled the FZ1 out of the garage and cranked it up. Battery was a bit weak, but after and assist she cranked right up. Took her about a half mile and filled it up with gas and covered her back up.

I can't WAIT for it to crack 50 for a few days. Get the last vestiges of ice and snow out of the roads, and get the streetsweepers back out!

I have a feeling I will be commuting to work on it a lot!

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