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Blah. 2nd week of only being able to see Daredevil.

I sent the following over to the NCAM people:


I am hoping you can let me know who to write to in order to get some people
taking a look at the Movie Selections for MoPix equipped Cinemas in Eastern

As I'm sure you know, we have 3 Rear Window equipped Cinemas in Eastern MA,
and a Forth a bit further away in Worcester.

As a deaf person, these screens are a godsend! However, I have noticed
a small problem.

It seems that the people who select which movie will play on which screen
at these theatres haven't put a great deal of effort or any kind of
coordination into it.

If you examine the list of movies in the past, you will see

- That many of these theatres put the same movie on their captioned screen
for multiple weeks at a time.
- Of the 4 theatres, they freqently are all playing the same movie on their
captioned screen.
- Some of the megahit first run movies never make it onto a captioned
screen at all!

For example, for 2 weeks, out of 4 theatres, there has only been one
single movie option!

With a little bit of coordination, we could improve the selection of
movies available to disabled patrons, increase the usage of the
system, and increase theatre profits. It is a win-win situation!

Jonathan Hartford

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