Jonathan (jon3) wrote,

Random wednesday thoughts.

I work in the travel industry, which freezes everything around the holidays, so there is very little of my job I actually CAN do at the moment. Work is a bit on the boring side today.


I got some wicked nifty Sennheiser HD500 headphones for xmas. I have been using them on the computer to play Call of Duty. I'm SO much better at this now that I can hear the footsteps and gunfire and whatnot. I don't wish to toot my own horn, but I've been in the top 1-3 slot on each server I've played on since I got them.


I snagged a domain name so I could set up squirrelmail (web based email ala hotmail, etc) for family that were annoyed at yahoo/hotmail. Then, a bloody _domain name registrar_ spammed me, and called my house! (not the one I used to register.) I assume they're trolling every new registration. Despicable.


I was flipping through the books at Borders the other day, killing time, and saw this book on the South Beach diet. Had some interesting points to make. I may try to trim down my intakes of various not-so-good-for-me foods. I've always kept relatively svelte by exercising a lot, but that is not as easy when I'm working full time.


I keep seeing people list all the books they've read this year over in booktards but there's no way I could possibly remember that many books. They must keep lists or something. Maybe I should do that. I've been posting reviews of the highlight books there, but I haven't done that in a while either.


I got a 2lb bag of Pistachios for xmas. They're on my desk, and I'm snacking on them way way too often. Evil Parents!


I'm sure usagijer will make fun of me for my sissy fruity tea, but I like Twinning's Four Red Fruits tea. Now to figure out how I can store lemon slices in the fridge here at work without them going bad on me...


I want an ipod, but I can't bring myself to spend so much money on a toy. The rumors of 2G el cheapo ipods has me waiting with baited breath. 1G would be worth about 20-25 albums, at least in .ogg format. 2 or 4G would be killer. Sure, 20G would rock, but with 1G tech, you can probably get much longer battery times.

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