Jonathan (jon3) wrote,

Obligatory post xmas update...

Holidays were good. I had to work (remotely) on friday, but there was little to do, and there was music and much good leftover food to be had here at the ole homestead, so it wasn't too painful.

My sister's friends have an apartment that want to rent out, not sure when its available, but soonish was the idea, and it seems like a high quality place for not too much $. Not looking to buy another house anytime soon though. Maybe in another year.

Been pretty much banking my entire paycheck and other forms of income. There are toys and things out there I'd like, but I just can't get into the consumer frenzy. Just about the only things I buy anymore are clothes (not many), books, and a few DVDs.

Xmas-wise, I did kinda want an ipod. I was hinting my family should all go in together and get me one, but the hint didn't take. I think they were a little suspicious about me wanting a music device so soon after hearing again, but they said that wasn't it. Perhaps I'm just projecting. Hrm. They just had other stuff they wanted to get me. A lot of it was stuff that I wanted too!

New razor = less scruffy Jonathan.
New Headphones from my bro. Nice Sennheiser HD500s.
A couple of gift certificates to best buy will help feed my DVD collection.
My dad made me a computer stand and a monitor stand to the exact specifications I wanted in this nice teak he had leftover from doing some work on his boat. I'll do pix when I'm less lazy.

The stand is probably the coolest item. It didn't cost anything to make, but it was made by him for me. Somehow, those kinds of gifts aren't just gifts, you know? I gotta think about making cool stuff for people next year.

I forgot to send out xmas cards this year. If you didn't get one, and think that I was dissing you, nope! Nobody got any.

I got Kevin (the guy who got me a job) an xmas gift as sort of a thank you, and Susan (his wife) too. I think I made them a teeny bit uncomfortable, since they didn't have anything for me, but they'll get over it. He'll end up with $2000 if they don't let me go by the 3 month mark (in like 2 weeks) so I'm sure he'll get over it!

Lesse... brothers are doing well. Sister (just had her stomach stapled) is shrinking sizes before she can even buy new clothes. Good for her! Despite my trepidations over this kinda surgery, she's feeling great.

I went out on a date. It was a setup by an old friend. Oof. Must never trust that friend again. A heavy smoker who wanted to go to some clubs. We lasted about as long as a cup of coffee, and then went out seperate ways. Time since last REAL relationship: way too long. I need to start dating outside my circle of friends. Too damn many of them are married, or remarried! What a scary thought. Asking out strangers is a very scary thing for me.

I am feeling the call of the snowshoes. I may skedaddle up Wildcat or one of my other favourite snowy mountain haunts next weekend. Its been 3 entire months. For once, my photo gallery isn't missing a bunch of hiking trips, I actually haven't been out. This working for a living thing really cuts down on my hiking time.

Come to think of it, I should lay off this nice big bag of pistacios (thanks santa!) until I get off my ass and go for a backbreaker or two. Maybe I'll zip up and over Blue Hills tomorrow. Hrm. Then again, everybody is allowed to be a little lazy over the holidays, right?

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