Jonathan (jon3) wrote,

4 Questions - From Pjammer

This came out of pjammer's Journal.

1. Please link five journal entries of yours you consider the most biographically significant, and briefly explain your reasons for selecting them.

There is another post to booktards that I can't find that I would include too. I guess that isn't 5. I'll try to be more meaningful in the future.

2. Your home is on fire, and you have five minutes to rescue your belongings. What do you save? Why?

  • Shelby and Oliver (cats)
  • A small sentry-type-safe containing birth certificates, vehicle titles, insurance, photos of my parents/grand/great-grand.
  • A couple of collectible guns that I can't really replace.
  • My backpack with notebook.
  • My desktop CPU.
  • Does backing the motorcycle and truck out of the garage count?

3. An eccentric billionaire offers you US$50,000 and tells you to spend it within a week. Stipulations: you are not allowed to purchase investible instruments (stocks, bonds, gold bullion, etc.). Any money you do not spend will be gone by week's end. What do you buy?

  • $16,000 Pre-pay tuition for about 20 classes of cybered courses from UML. (My degree would be finished long before then, but there's tons of stuff I would like to learn.)
  • $10,000 '04 Yamaha V-Star Classic + Accessories.
  • $5,000 Last few payments on the Sport Trac.
  • $4,600 Send my parents back to California where they went for their 20th anniversary.
  • $5,000 Round Trip to Machu Picchu, another to Tibet, for me and my friend Lynn.
  • $3,000 Motorcycle Track Training
  • $3,000 Really decked out PC
  • $3,000 One of those cool 17" G4 Powerbooks. I don't need one, but they're just so cool.
  • $400 30G iPod. (if my CI works!)

4. You are granted access to a device like the one in The Matrix that allows you to
upload skills/knowledge straight into your brain. You are told you are allowed to
select five skills/abilities to be uploaded. What do you choose? Why?

  • American Sign Language - Because I haven't gotten around to it yet.
  • computer Programming - Because I am starting to enjoy it. I hated it back in '92 when I was first exposed to it.
  • Wing Chun - It looks cool.
  • Shooting - I stink right now, and I've always wanted to be a crack shot.
  • Creative writing - I've got a ton of ideas that I think would make good stories.

  • whee

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