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July 25th, 2003

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04:17 pm - ooh. dealz for moi
OK, for those that don't know, while I am temporarily without fulltime employment, I cruise auctions. I don't mean online auctions, I mean the real standup-guy-yelling thing.

Mostly, I'm after tech stuff, which I then resell, like routers and servers.

Occasionally I find a steal tho. (for instance, I 2 years ago furniture.com went under and I grabbed a 15k dining room set for about $500).

Today tho, we hit the motherload. A custom cabinet shop went under, and apparently everybody who was there was only there for the tools. We grabbed an entire new kitchen. tons of shelves, island wall racks, and 2 seperate solid 10" granite countertops. An entire new kitchen for my parents set us back a whole $200. Plus, we have enough extra stuff that was included to do all sorts of cool things, like a laundry nook, etc. Couple of boxes of new decorative wall tile as well.

I am so fricking tired from carting it all back here. My arms are gonna fall off just from moving granite and Corian.

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Date:July 25th, 2003 08:27 pm (UTC)
OMG that is a steal! *me loves me some granite*
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Date:July 26th, 2003 02:34 pm (UTC)
Whoa, that is incredibly awesome! Wow.

I've always wanted to go to a real auction, but I don't understand how it all works, and I figure I'd miss a whole lot of what was going on. How did you get into it? Just start going?

That kitchen, man... awsome!
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Date:July 26th, 2003 03:06 pm (UTC)
It is pretty simple.

You grab your local paper, where the listings are. They generally give you an idea of what is being sold.

There are usually 2 dates, a preview and the auction date. For a small auction, they will usually be on the same day. On the preview date, you can stop by and look at everything, poke and prod it. If you like what you see, you register, which generally means you give em $100 or so (refundable if you don't buy anything) and they give you a number.

Come auction day, you show up and they run down thru the lot numbers (which generally they give you a list of at the preview) and people just stand around and bid. Once the auction is over, you get in line at the checkout, pay for all your items.

Removal might start after the auction, or the next day or two, depending on size. You bring your receipt on pickup day, grab your stuff and cart it out. They'll check the lot numbers against your receipt.

Thats it!

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Date:July 26th, 2003 05:15 pm (UTC)
huh. sounds simple enough... thanks!

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