Jonathan (jon3) wrote,

ooh. dealz for moi

OK, for those that don't know, while I am temporarily without fulltime employment, I cruise auctions. I don't mean online auctions, I mean the real standup-guy-yelling thing.

Mostly, I'm after tech stuff, which I then resell, like routers and servers.

Occasionally I find a steal tho. (for instance, I 2 years ago went under and I grabbed a 15k dining room set for about $500).

Today tho, we hit the motherload. A custom cabinet shop went under, and apparently everybody who was there was only there for the tools. We grabbed an entire new kitchen. tons of shelves, island wall racks, and 2 seperate solid 10" granite countertops. An entire new kitchen for my parents set us back a whole $200. Plus, we have enough extra stuff that was included to do all sorts of cool things, like a laundry nook, etc. Couple of boxes of new decorative wall tile as well.

I am so fricking tired from carting it all back here. My arms are gonna fall off just from moving granite and Corian.

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