January 26th, 2005


I was just on a conference call...

... and people repeatedly used the word "synergy", and it wasn't part of a joke.


Trying to do conference calls from your cell phone is not so good. I don't have a phone line at home, but I just signed up for Vonage.

Anybody have any experience with them?

I'm going to start a meme.

Merely becase I'm curious.
Do it or don't, or modify it to suit.
I want you to go over to your ebay feedback page, and tell me the last couple of things you purchased online.
Just put the subject of the item, you don't need to link (unless you think it would be cool).

Here goes:

(bought) J.A. Henckels 3pc PRO-S Starter Knife Set NEW
(bought) Luminox 721 Silver Series Chrono Watch-Black Face- NEW!
(sold) 2001 Yamaha : FZ : FZ1
(bought) Dial Caliper - L.S. Starrett Co. - 6" - 0.001" - # 120A

Feel free to ask me anything about any of these. Why I bought/sold them, what I think of them, etc.

My list is boring, but I bet there are some people out there who could start an interesting conversation!