October 13th, 2004


Misc. Stuff.

Trap rounds 1 and 2: 15 and 17. Must. Practice. More!

I figured out just how much stuff I have to take off the floor for my new Roomba Discovery to clean properly, and remember to return to home base and recharge. Go robot go!

My boss is out of work until Nov 1 getting married and whatnot. I'm in charge until he gets back. Fear. ATTENTION ALL EMPLOYEES: IT IS NOW BEER O'CLOCK. PLEASE GATHER ACROSS THE STREET AT TOMMY DOYLE'S. SLACKERS AND TEETOALERS WILL BE FIRED. THANK YOU.


I have kind of a small pain where my CI is. It kinda freaked me out, so I took it off completely and took some advil and the pain went away. I have had it turned up kinda high all day though. I am hoping its just a matter of my cochlear being "tired". Or me just having a headache and projecting fears in the direction of my ear. Or something. I turned it back on (not cranked up as high) and it feels fine now, so its probably nothing. I haven't seen my doctor in like a year though, so maybe I'll stop by just in case. Actually, I think I was supposed to have a 1 year followup in August...OOPS!