May 22nd, 2004


Recruiting Poker Buddies

I want some more poker buddies.

Generally, I like to play something along the lines of a 8 person table of Texas Hold em.

About $10-20 buy in, either winner takes all, or a 40/20/10 split.

I got a couple of people, but I want to get it up to 8 on a regular basis. Probably like every other or every 3rd saturday.

Any interest?

Probably in Watertown, MA at my place.

I still have chipmunk cheeks

And no, I won't take a photo.

I slept on my side last night, by mistake, and that side is kind of puffy. Iced it a bit and took a nap on my back and it dropped back down to regular sized chipmunk cheek.

Kind of a cool slightly misty day, so I'm not missing much weather wise. Bike is under cover, awaiting some nice weather. At first I was bummed, because the day of the surgery it was great weather, but since then its been kinda so-so, so I haven't missed much motorcyle summer so far.

Kill me now please.

About a week ago, I had told somebody I met, who is 21, and was feeling a bit down, that if they were a couple of years older, I'd be persuing them, or some polite variant thereof.

I just found out today, secondhand, that she told people immediately afterwards that I was "creepy"; seemingly mostly because of the age difference.

I am now the creepy old man .

Kill me now please.

Yes, Death.