April 30th, 2004


dad is better

He's out of the ICU now. He's speaking, but hella groggy. Clearly he knows who we are and understands us, even if he's having trouble finding words.

He'll probably be in there several more days. They did a something-or-other to take a look at his heart, and they say it looks to be in great shape, so that isn't a problem, thank god.

I think we're out of the woods, but then again, I thought that right before the seizure too. :/

And on the ligher side

Today's free catered lunch at work was Dumplings and other nice things from Wang's, followed by ice cream from JP Licks.

I'm scarfing down Mint Chip with whipped cream and mini m&ms right now.

Envy Me.


(and I didn't drop it on the ground either!)