April 15th, 2004


Random Update

Things are crazy at work. That guy that left the company had a lot of stuff on his plate, that the rest of us have to pick up, though mostly it fell on another guy. I'm trying to help him out, and that put some extra stuff on my plate.

In between things, I've been unpacking and fine tuning the new place. Still have stuff to move in here, but nothing crucial. Hooked up my washer and dryer tonight. Had to get a 4 prong cable for my dryer, and hook that up. Lots of flinchy panicky moments when I tried to figure out how the Blue, Yellow, and White translated to Red, Black, White, and Green (ground) on the new cable.

My washer/dryer are ancient, from like the 60s. I've never had them serviced, and they work great. Maytag. I'd buy that brand again in a heartbeat.

The commute to work is a dream. The other day, I left so early, I stopped in and had breakfast. At a sitdown restaurant. And I was still at my desk before 9AM, which at my company, is the equivalent of the crack of dawn (heavy on the hackers, this place).

There will be a booze-in party at some point, once I've got my furniture situation straightened out. I'll let y'all in the area know!