March 30th, 2004


Technology done right - by a BANK no less

I'm surprised nobody has noticed this before me. Maybe they did, and they just didn't think to mention it, but one of the new features of my citibank creditcard is Virtual Account Numbers.

Basically, when you want to order from that semi-shady looking site on the net, you can generate a fresh one time virtual account number, thereby making sure you don't actually have to hand out your real account number when in doubt.

Pretty cool idea, innit?

My new Condo

Sorry I was so secretive about this, but there were legal problems with the seller, so I wasn't sure it was going to happen, and I didn't want to get my own hopes up, let alone anybody elses!

I'll be closing on my new condo this thursday, and moving thursday through sunday!

Here are the pictures. The outside one on the last page is a crappy one from MLS, I'll take some better ones as I move in.

I'll email out the address seperate, as that can be a tiny bit visible for a public journal entry, but it is still in MA, of course!