February 28th, 2004



I had fun. I woke up late, cleaned up lazily.

I went out for late breakfast.

I stopped at home depot and bought stain and poly to shiny-up some bookcases I've had sitting around for ages and ages.

I zipped up to the range and made much fun with sig trailside and the G19. I'm so rusty I was just shy of embarassing myself. I need to get with the program and practice more. I shall make a mental note to do so.

From there over to best buy, and I used up some leftover gift cards from christmas that I finally found.

Then I got home and started on paper to design my ultimate computer workstation. So far I've trashed every design that I've come up with.

I figured, I've got tools, I've got skill, and soon enough I'll have space. I should stop bitching about the state of furniture (crappy construction, horrible look) and make something for myself that will be exactly what I want, AND will last forever.