February 7th, 2004


Wow, it sure is tough to sleep without a working nose, eh?

I had no idea how dependent I was on my nose functioning in order to sleep until I couldn't breathe through it.

So, I haven't been getting much REM, although last night was much improved.

I did some work yesterday, although the "emergencies" I got pulled in to handle were so mundane I'm surprised they bothered somebody recovering from surgery.

Call of Duty (Geek Alert! - Skip Post!)

Anybody play this?

I have been playing a lot of this game, until the most recent patch. They added a "feature" that has to be the most poorly concieved feature in the history of gaming.

Basically, they are allowing servers to "lie" about their ping time. So now, instead of bringing up the server browser, and selecting a game with an appropriately quick ping time, I see about 50 servers on top of the list with a ping time of "1", and then a dozen or two with 1+x ping times.

What the hell is the point of adding this feature? All you do is end up randomly choosing a server, then disconnecting once you figure out the real latency, and reapeating that over and over until you've found a real one.