January 21st, 2004


Woah like woah.

I was deleting a bunch of lame bookmarks in my browser today, when I noticed that the links I had for Sprint Relay Online and IP-Relay hadn't been used in 3 whole months.


No news here, but sometimes the little things make big things really sink in, ya know?


On a completely unrelated thought, I piddled away my long weekend sleeping and doing laundry and playing computer games and eating too much, and I am in a lethargic, "I don't want to work" mode, so I'm here on LJ, posting away. [I did work yesterday, but that was mostly catchup, not real work]


Next weekend I really should get out of the house and climb in the mountains while there's still snow to be played in. I need somebody with winter experience to go up there with me though. I can take winter hiking virgins, but they're more work.

mmmm. virgins!