November 16th, 2003


Ho Ho Ho, Merry Consumer Holiday Season!

Christmas and various other religious end-of-the-year-lets-spend-money holidays are vast approaching, and unlike me, I've decided NOT to wait until after thanksgiving, mostly because I detest the lines generated at various shopping places by the vat of consumer sludge we like to call holiday shoppers.

So this year, as in the past few, my family is trying to agree on a set price limit for everybody to adhere to, so those of us who are doing poorly will not feel guilted into spending too much by those of us who are doing well.

I think its a load of crap. Even when I was under the weather, financially speaking, I didn't feel pressed into dragging other people's good-heartedness down with me. Hell, all the more reason for them to go hog wild on my gift, in my greed-inspired humble opinion.

Now this year, I will have been working for a couple of months, and ye olde checkinge accounte will be ripe with fruit, so I want to make up for the lean years. I'm facing stiff resistance from family on this front, so in the spirit of not generating a bickering match I have pretended to agree.

The only question now is....

Poll #205673 Do I cheat?

Should I cheat and ignore the gift cost limit?

Yes. Its Christmas Damnit!
No. Honor thy family's wishes and all that jazz.
Only if its a really cool gift.