October 25th, 2003


CI Update, Clothes, Job + More!

OK, I realize I haven't updated much lately, and I just realized I haven't updated at all about the CI.

Well, since the last time I posted about it, things have gotten way better. I'm hearing lots more. Complete strangers are making sense! I was issued a cellphone by my new company, and with a hookup kit I got, I'm making phone calls! Actual phone calls! WHEE! Confidence is way way up!

I have to admit, the job had something to do with it, and vice versa. After talking with people, the whole hearing thing was a total nonissue. Most of them weren't even sure I was deaf.

The job has been excellent. I was truly useful on thursday, solving a real bitch of a problem that a whole group was beating on. So I lost a bit of that 'can i really do it'-nonsense that you always feel when you start a new job.

Although the job is very casual, plenty of jeans-n-tshirt people, I was getting tired of that look. So, I pulled a queer-eye on my wardrobe, and dumped a lot of old and/or ugly crap. Spent some time in Eddie Bauer, Filenes, Macys, etc. Hooked myself up with some much better looking stuff. Looking much more presentable these days! Still trying to find an oxford or oxford-look-alike that is comfortable to wear around all day, especially walking in the city. I have a good pair from Dexter outlets up in NH, but they won't last long if thats all I wear. I chucked the sneakers-to-work concept with my old t-shirts.

I'm feeling quite spiffy all around!
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