August 19th, 2003


I'm contemplating changing bikes.

I'm tempted to go cruiser or sport-standard.

I like my SV650S, but I'm looking for something different now I guess.

I really like the look of sport bikes, and the handling is obviously great, but I'd like a bike that would be comfortable for longer distances. Sport-standard would seem a logical option, but most of the ones that I've been on haven't been much more comfortable than my SV.

The FZ-1 doesn't really grab me.

Just for raw sit potential, I kind of like the V-star bikes.

The Honda 919 seemed decent as well, but still a bit sporty.

The Z1000 is too new, and a bit more aggressive than I want.

The Aprilia Tuono is probably tied with the 919 as the most comfortable of the sport-standards, but is also very new and very expensive.

I'd love to try one of those BMW R1150Rs one of these days...

Considering I'm still without full time employment, I should probably shelf this for a while. I got the itch though! Maybe I should just window shop...