June 16th, 2003


I need Hiking Partners :/

I really just can't get any of my friends off their lazy asses to go hiking. In the past year or two, when I've asked (several times) I get no replies. It really is a shame, because my friends are getting older, and they're starting to really show the fact that they're out of shape.

I've tried interesting and short hikes. The last one I asked people to join me on is a simple 4 hour roundtrip with a whopping 1500 ft of elevation gain to see two of the coolest waterfalls in NH.

I even prefaced it by saying that we'd be back in plenty of time to hit another major local attraction - the giant factory outlets in North Conway!

Out of the 50 or so people, I got a whopping 0 replies.

If I had set up an evening to consume mass quantities, I probably could have gotten at least a dozen replies.

Anybody got any tips on recruiting people to go outside and participate in any kind of athletic activity at all?
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