June 12th, 2003


How pretty women turn into Psychos

I think I'm starting to get it.

The other day, I was out riding, and I stopped at Chilis for some lunch. At the table right next to me were two very beautiful young women. You know the type, they are "all that" and they know it. They dress to emphasize it. Nothing wrong with all that mind you. I had a book with me, and I was reading, but I kept looking up because I had the feeling I was being watched, but it wasn't me, it was nearly every person in the join with a penis, and they were looking at the women next to me. It was almost creepy. I freely admit on the way in that they caught my eye, but I didn't ogle them heavily or anything. Everybody else though... Jesus. One male waiter spilled a pitcher of icewater at the next table over, beause he couldn't keep his eyes off them.

I gave this some thought, and I think I'm starting to get it though. I think that we (males AND females) give pretty women this kind of attention, and it must screw up something attention-related in their heads that the rest of us take for granted. I'm not excusing the psycho behavior that they turn to, mind you. I'm just saying I am starting to understand how beautiful women can turn slightly psycho.