May 14th, 2003


Vroom... Yikes, RAIN!

For the first time, I got rained on while heading home on the bike. It was revealing where I got wet, and which parts stayed dry. Lower legs, all the way up to just before the knees, then from knees up on the outside. Got to get some real moto boots at some point. When you've got some good speed going, your back is bone dry even in a quick downpour. I totally understand chaps now! Not that I'll be getting some anytime soon.

I need to get a serious leather jacket. My synthetic jacket was OK for keeping me dry, but I wasn't out in the rain that long. I wouldn't want to get caught out for an hour or so in it. Jeans = hypothermia. Maybe have to look at some pants too.

Interesting to feel the terrain change in the rain.
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mini cthulhu



I want to get a nice new color Sidekick, because they're really good for deafies. The few people I've talked to about this all agree they're one of the best to use wireless devices.

HOWEVER. I bloody can't because the only person who uses them out here is t-mobile, and I've seen their coverage of eastern MA. Its dogshit.

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