May 5th, 2003


Temp Work

I picked up a small short consulting gig. If it works out, their alpha geek is going on vacation, and they want me to play admin-on-call for a week or two. Better than sitting around grinding out books. (I REALLY have to stop slacking and learn C/C++)


I discovered GAIM today. Installed GTK+ to get it too. Very nice. Not wanting to deal with all the BS of 10 different messengers was one of the main reasons I stayed far away from them in the first place.

That said, I updated my profile with my IDs if you decide to hassle me.

(Note my comp is on 24x7, so I'm frequently listed as away)


For some reason, the first time I updated my profile with the IM stuff it did not take. Fixed now though. Thanks to bouncingleaf for noticing.