April 13th, 2003


Warning - I feel rant coming on!


OK, so I go out to breakfast at one of my favorite Sunday Brunch spots, and as I'm waiting for my table to open, there's a couple of other people waiting, including a family of 3. The two yuppie parents are sitting down chattering, while their broodspawn is wandering around the restaurant picking things up that it shouldn't and unceremoniously dropping them on the ground.

I should note that this particular place (The Strawberry Fair in Hanover, MA) is kinda artsy-craftsy, so they have all sorts of kitch around on various low tables, and walls and things. These two yupsters are completely unaware of what their runt is doing to the place, even after being brought back to them twice by the waitstaff.

Finally, the walking damage machine runs headfirst into the side of a table and thunk, falls on flat on the ass. 6000 volts to the scream machine, captain! This finally gets the attention of the excuses-for-parents, who, instead of apologizing to the rest of the patrons for the loud whiny child (of COURSE they don't LEAVE the restaurant), instead begin to bitch loudly about how the place isn't childproofed.

Yes, out of the two options: 1.) Childproof the world 2.) Pay some fucking attention to your own kids, clearly these idiots think the former makes far more sense to them.

End Rant.

Originally I was going to continue my rant including the blatant hypocrisy over here: http://www.boston.com/dailyglobe2/103/business/States_confront_a_necessity_evil_+.shtml but I decided to keep it short and sweet.