February 24th, 2003



I had to ship a 50lb package to germany today. It wasn't the cost that scared me ($230.50) but the paperwork. UPS would NOT let me ship the package without having a FAX number for the recipient.

The lady behind the desk was adamant that I couldn't ship it without one, "because it is CRUCIAL for any extra paperwork we might need with the recipient!".

I gave her my fax number (right in the same area code where the shop is). So what it comes down to isn't getting a real number, its all about filling out paperwork properly.

I'd rant about the state of the world, but that would be boring, wouldn't it?

I think I'll go play with my new digital camera instead. (traded up from dc290 to dx4330 and loving it) I've taken to carrying it around everywhere, the way I used to do with my old Epson and drive people nuts taking REAL pictures. (As opposed to the godawful posed crap!)

LJ is addictive.


Say it with YOUR OWN WORDS, no matter how mispelled, mispoken, garbled, confused, broken, muddled, rambling, and unintelligable.

And you'll always make a far better impression than if you quote somebody else.

Especially music lyrics.

I appreciate that sometimes people really connect with some words or lyrics, and they feel those words express perfectly what they're trying to articulate, but they'll never articulate nearly as well as you can yourself.

Lay off the lyrics!