Jonathan (jon3) wrote,

I left a 20 foot skid today....

There's an intersection not far from home where a fairly busy road is crossed by a less busy one. The less busy one has 2 easily visible stop signs. I was on the busy road, with no stop signs. Cruising right along about 5 over the speed limit of 45, slowing down a bit for the intersection.

Minivan mommie rolls through the stop, looking right, but NOT looking left, AT ME. She's halfway thru the intersection when she finally turns to see me and of course panic hammers the brake to a complete stop mid intersection.

I Left a 20 foot skid, retained control of bike, and stopped just barely tapping her drivers side door. Didn't even leave a mark.
I'd have screamed at her, but she was already crying at her mistake, so I rolled back a step and waved her on.

Thank god the brakes are good on the suzuki.

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