Jonathan (jon3) wrote,

Latest Books Update

Here's what I have finished since my last update:

John Sandford - Mortal Prey - He's on my must-read list. Excellent stuff. Davenport is my hero!

Ralph "Sonny" Barger - Ridin' High, Livin' Free - If you don't ride a motorcycle, or haven't ever really wanted to, this won't interest you. If you do though, you should get a kick out of it. Slightly dated, but still good series of short stories.

Bruce Schneier - Secrets & Lies - His decade later followup to Applied Cryptography, he completely re-evaluates the functional process of Computer Security. If you're a net.geek, you'll be intrigued. If not, you'll be bored off your ass.

K&R - The C Programming Language - As a beginner book, not quite my style, but makes an excellent reference when read alongside...

Steven Kochan - Programming in ANSI C - My Textbook for my C class, this moves at my slow pace.

Richard Stevens - TCP/IP Illustrated Volume I - The TCP/IP bible. Although much of it is second hand to me now, I'm re-reading along with a course on TCP/IP to begin the basics of Network Coding.

Diane Zak - Programming with MS VB .NET - Goes VERY slow. Assumes you know nothing, not even how to tie your shoes. Good for people who have trouble learning anything geeklike, bit boring for anybody with any skill.
Still, does the job. Part of a pre-req class.

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