Jonathan (jon3) wrote,


I had to ship a 50lb package to germany today. It wasn't the cost that scared me ($230.50) but the paperwork. UPS would NOT let me ship the package without having a FAX number for the recipient.

The lady behind the desk was adamant that I couldn't ship it without one, "because it is CRUCIAL for any extra paperwork we might need with the recipient!".

I gave her my fax number (right in the same area code where the shop is). So what it comes down to isn't getting a real number, its all about filling out paperwork properly.

I'd rant about the state of the world, but that would be boring, wouldn't it?

I think I'll go play with my new digital camera instead. (traded up from dc290 to dx4330 and loving it) I've taken to carrying it around everywhere, the way I used to do with my old Epson and drive people nuts taking REAL pictures. (As opposed to the godawful posed crap!)

LJ is addictive.

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