Jonathan (jon3) wrote,

SPAM rant ahead, detour if it bores you.

OK, so I'm one of those people who is fanatic about hunting down spammers and nailing their hides to my wall.

I've accepted that I'll always be one of those old internet fogies who yearn for the 'better' days.

However, I have one thing thats bugging me. All of these large ISPs send you a fancy autoreply that is designed to pacify you. They say they look at all of the abuse complaints and they deal with them, but the volume of mail they get prevents them from sending an individual reply.

This bugs the piss out of me.

If they're reading all the emails, then they must be sorting them into groups based on each spammer attack, because they will get many complaints from different victims for each attack.

Why EXACTLY can't their spiffy automated system send a reply email to each victim with a simply resolution listed. Wouldn't take tremendous overhead. There can't possibly be more than 1:20 of the victims actually bothering to complain. Most just filter or delete it sight unseen.

I only say this because I've gotten more and more autoreply mail saying they'll deal with stuff, only to find days later that the spammer is still firing off mail at victims from the same IP, netblock, or clueless-fucker-open-relay.

It is time to start demanding MORE from abuse personnel. I know they've got a shit job, but a followup email to prove that their department isn't just an autorepoder dumping email into the trash is NOT too much to ask.

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