Jonathan (jon3) wrote,

Books I plan to read before I die.

Very interesting list I snagged via kuro5hin/everything.

And before you ask, i've only read about 55 or so.

Blatantly stolen from Everything2

* Adams, Douglas
o The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
Life, the Universe, and Everything
So Long, and thanks for all the fish
Mostly Harmless
o Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
* Richard Adams
o Watership Down
* Alighieri, Dante
o Inferno
* Allende, Isobel
o The House of the Spirits
* Asimov, Isaac
o Foundation
o The Bicentennial Man
* Atwood, Margaret
o A Handmaid's Tale
o The Edible Woman
o Surfacing
* Ayliffe, John Stephen
o Blind Man's Bluff
* Banks, Iain or Banks, Iain M.
o The Bridge
o The Wasp Factory
o Use of Weapons
* Bantok, Nick
o Griffin and Sabine
* Barth, John
o Chimera
* Bear, Greg
o Blood Music
* Bester, Alfred
o Tiger! Tiger!
* Bey, Hakim
o Temporary Autonomous Zone
* Block, Francesca Lia
o Dangerous Angels - the Weetzie Bat books
* Boethius
o Consolation of Philosophy
* Borges, Jorge Luis
o Ficciones (Fictions)
o The Cirular Ruins
* Bradbury, Ray
o Fahrenheit 451
o Dandelion Wine
* Bryant, Dorothy
o The Kin Of Ata Are Waiting For You
* Bulgakov, Mikhail
o The Master and Margarita
o The Heart of a Dog
* Burgess, Anthony
o A Clockwork Orange
* Burroughs, William S.
o Junkie
o Naked Lunch
o The Ticket That Exploded
o Junky's Christmas
* Camus, Albert
o The Outsider
o The Myth of Sisyphus
o The Stranger
o The Plague
* Capote, Truman
o In Cold Blood
* Card, Orson Scott
o Ender's Game
Speaker for the Dead
o Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus
o Songmaster
* Carpenter, Edmund Snow
o They Became what They Beheld
* Carroll, Lewis
o Alice In Wonderland
o Through the Looking-glass
* Carroll, Peter
o Liber Null
o Psychonaut
o Liber Kaos
* Casares, Adolfo Bioy
* Castaneda, Carlos
o The teachings of Don Juan: a Yaqui way of knowledge
A Separate Reality
Journey to Ixtlan
* Cervantes, Miguel de
o Don Quixote
* Chase, Truddi
o When Rabbit Howls
* Chayefsky, Paddy
o Altered States
* Chuang Chou
o The Chuang-Tzu
* Clark, Arthur C.
o 2001: A Space Oddysey
o Childhood's End
* Cortázar, Julio
o End of the Game and Other Stories
o Rayuela (Hopscotch)
* Coupland, Douglas
o Microserfs
* Danielewski, Mark
o House of Leaves
* Dawkins, Richard
o The Selfish Gene
* DeLillo, Don
* Dick, Philip K.
o A Scanner Darkly
o The Divine Invasion
* Dickens, Charles
o A Tale of Two Cities
* Dostoevsky, Fyodor
o Crime and Punishment
o Notes from the Underground
o The Brothers Karamazov
* Eco, Umberto
o Foucalt's Pendulum
o The Name of the Rose
* Efsandiary, F.M.
o Upwingers
* Egan, Greg
o Diaspora
o Distress
o Permutation City
* Eliot, T.S.
o The Wasteland
* Ellis, Bret Easton
o American Psycho
* Ellis, Edward Robb
o A Nation in Torment
* Ende, Michael
o The Neverending Story
* Euclid
o The Elements
* Farmer, Philip Jose
o To Your Scattered Bodies Go
* Faulkner, William
o As I Lay Dying
* Feinberg, Leslie
o Stone Butch Blues
* Foucault, Michel
o Discipline and Punish
* Fowles, John
o The Magus
* Freud, Sigmund
o Civilization and Its Discontents
* Gaarder, Jostein
o Sophie's World
* Gardner, Laurence
o The Bloodline of the Holy Grail
* Gaiman, Neil
o Good Omens (with Terry Pratchett)
o Neverwhere
o American Gods
* Genet, Jean
o Miracle of The Rose
* Gilman, Charlotte Perkins
o Herland
* Gibson, William
o Burning Chrome
o Neuromancer
Count Zero
Mona Lisa Overdrive
o Virtual Light
All Tomorrow's Parties
* Gleick, James
o Chaos : Making a New Science
* Gray, Alasdair
o Lanark
* Gogol, Nikolai
o The Diary of a Madman and Other Stories
* Golding, William
o Lord of the Flies
* Grimwood, Ken
o Replay
* Gurdjieff, G. I.
o Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson
* Halperin, James L.
o The Truth Machine
* Hand, Elizabeth
o Waking the Moon
o Glimmering
o Winterlong
Aestival Tide Icarus Descending
* Heinlein, Robert A.
o Stranger in a Strange Land
o The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
o Time Enough For Love
* Heller, Joseph
o Catch 22
* Herbert, Frank
o Dune
* Hermans, W.F.
o Het behouden huis
o Nooit meer slapen
* Herr, Michael
o Dispatches
* Hesse, Herman
o Steppenwolf
o Siddhartha
* Hofstadter, Douglas
o Godel, Escher Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid
o Metamagical Themas
* Hugo, Victor
o Les Miserables
* Huxley, Aldous
o Brave new World
o The Doors of Perception
* Ibsen, Henrik
o A Doll's House
* Irving, John
o A Prayer for Owen Meany
* Jotce, Graham
o The Tooth Fairy
* Joyce, James
o Ulysses
o Finnegan's Wake
* Kafka, Franz
o The Penal Colony
o The Trial
o America
o The Castle
o Metamorphosis
* Kaku, Michio
o Hyperspace
* Kerouac, Jack
o On the Road
o Visions of Cody
o the Dharma Bums
* Kesey, Ken}
o One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
* Keyes, J. Gregory
o Newton's Cannon
A Calculus of Angels
Empire of Unreason
o The Waterborn
The Blackgod
* Kidder, Tracy
o The Soul of a New Machine
* King, Stephen
o The Dark Tower series
o The Tommyknockers
o The Stand
* Kingston, Maxine Hong
o The Woman Warrior
* Knowles, John
o A Seperate Peace
* Land, Jon
o The Jared Kimberlain series
* Kosinski, Jerry
o The Painted Bird
* Lawrence, D. H.
o Lady Chatterly's Lover
* Leary, Timothy
o Politics of Ecstasy and Info-Psychology (aka Exo-Psychology)
* Lee, Tanith
o The Silver Metal Lover
* Lem, Stanislaw
o The Cyberiad
o Solaris
o The Futurological Congress
o Eden
* Lewis, C.S.
o Out of the Silent Planet
That Hideous Strength
* Leyner, Mark
o Et Tu, Babe
o The Tetherballs of Bouganville
* Lilly, John C.
o Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer
* Llewellyn, Grace
o The Teenage Liberation Handbook
* Longyear, Barry B.
o Sea of Glass
* Mailer, Norman
o Why Are We In Vietnam?
* Mandela, Nelson
o Long Walk to Freedom
* Marquez, Gabriel Garcia
o One Hundred Years of Solitude
* Mayle, Peter
o Where Did I Come From?
* McKenna, Terence
o The Archaic Revival
o The Invisible Landscape (with Dennis McKenna
o True Hallucinations
* Miller, Arthur
o A Canticle for Leibowitz
* Miller, Henry
o Plexus
* Milton, John
o Paradise Lost
* More, Thomas
o Utopia
* Morrison, Tony
o The Bluest Eye
* Murakami, Haruki
o A Wild Sheep Chase
o The Wind-up Bird Chronicles
* Musashi, Miyamoto
o The Book of Five Rings
* Musil, Robert
o The Man Without Qualities (Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften)
* Nabokov, Vladimir
o Lolita
* Neville, Katherine
o The Eight
* Nietzsche, Friedrich
o The Gay Science
* Noon, Jeff
o Vurt
o Nymphomation
* Nørretranders, Tor
o The User Illusion
* Oates, Joyce Carol
o Blonde
* O'Brien, Flann
o The Third Policeman
* O'Brien, Timothy
o The Things They Carried
* Orwell, George
o 1984
o Animal Farm
* Paglia, Camille
o Sexual Personae
* Palahniuk, Chuck
o Fight Club
o Survivor
o Choke
o Invisible Monsters
* Perec, Georges
o A Void
* Plath, Sylvia
o The Bell Jar
* Pirsig, Robert
o Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
* Poe, Edgar Allan
* Pynchon, Thomas
o The Crying of Lot 49
o Gravity's Rainbow
* Quinn, Daniel
o Ishmael and The Story of B
* Rand, Ayn
o The Fountainhead
* Rhinehart, Luke
o The Dice Man
o Adventures of Wim
o Search for the Dice Man
* Rooney, Andy
o Not That You Asked
* Rosen, Robert
o Life Itself
* Ross, John
o Unintended Consequences
* Roy, Arundhati
o The Cost of Living
o The God of Small Things
* Rucker, Rudy
o Software, Wetware, and Freeware
* Rushkoff, David
o The Ecstacy Club
* Sacks, Oliver
o Seeing Voices
* Sagan, Carl
o Pale Blue Dot
o The Demon-haunted World
* Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de
o The Little Prince
* Salinger, J. D.
o The Catcher in the Rye
* Saramago, Jose
o Blindness
* Sartre, Jean-Paul
o Nausea
* Shakespeare, William
o Hamlet
* Shelley, Mary
o Frankenstein
* Shem, Samuel
o The House of God
o Mount Misery
* Shepard, Lucius
o Life During Wartime
* Simmons, Dan
o Hyperion
The Fall of Hyperion
* St. Augustine
o Confessions
* Stapledon, Olaf
o Starmaker
* Stein, Gertrude
o How to Write
* Stephenson, Neal
o Snow Crash
o Cryptonomicon
o Zodiac
o Diamond Age
* Süskind, Patrick
o Das Parfum
* Tan, Amy
o The Joy Luck Club
* Thich Nhat Hanh
o Old Path, White Clouds
* Thompson, Hunter S.
o Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas
* Thurber, James
o The 13 Clocks
* Tolstoy, Leo
o The death of Ivan Ilyich
o the Kreuzer sonata
* Twain, Mark
o Letters from the Earth
o The Mysterious Stranger
* Ullman, Ellen
o Close to the Machine
* Various
o The Bible
* Vian, Boris
o I Shall Spit On Your Grave
* Vinge, Vernor
o A Fire upon the Deep
* Vonnegut, Kurt
o Breakfast of Champions
o Cat's Cradle
o Player Piano
o Sirens of Titan
o Slaughter-house Five
* Wallace, David Foster
o Infinite Jest
* Irvine Welsh
o Filth
* Walsh, Lawrence E.
o Firewall
* Watts, Alan
o The Book
o The Joyous Cosmology
o The Wisdom of Insecurity
o The Way Of Zen
* Wilbur, Ken
o Sex, Ecology, Spirituality
* Wilde, Oscar
o The Picture of Dorian Gray
* Wilder, Thornton
o The Bridge of San Lois Ray
* Wilson, Robert Anton
o The Illuminatus! Trilogy (with Robert Shea)
o Prometheus Rising
o Cosmic Trigger
o Schrödinger's Cat Trilogy (note: originally published as three volumes: The Universe Next Door, The Trick Top Hat, and The Homing Pigeons. Thanks to Wobbly Tech)
* Wolfe, Gene
o Peace
* Woolf, Virginia
o To the Lighthouse
* Wright, Robert
* Yogananda, Paramahansa
o Autobiography Of A Yogi
* Yourcenar, Marguerite
o Anna... Soror
o Alexis
o Memoirs of Hadrian
* Yevgeny Zamyatin, Zamyatin, Yevgeny
o We
* Zinn, Howard
o A People's History of the United States
* Zukav, Gary
o Seat Of The Soul
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